Irrigation System Design

Professional Lawn Irrigation System Design

image1_install_pageAt Daily Rain Irrigation, we design and install each sprinkler system using the latest technology and the best irrigation installation techniques. We stand behind our work by offering a comprehensive warranty on parts and labor. Our experienced service staff will keep your system running at optimal performance and efficiency. Providing outstanding customer service is our commitment to you, just as it has been to our customers throughout the years.

Our years of experience in Irrigation Design helps us carefully determine all aspects of your unique system design before we begin the installation. During the design process, we carefully:

  • Evaluate your water source and available water pressure.
  • Assess the unique watering requirements of your lawn, gardens, planters and shrubbery as well as slope, sun and shade exposures.
  • Select sprinkler head types and positioning to guarantee proper coverage.
  • Follow the laws of water hydraulics to calculate the appropriate number and types of watering zones.
  • Determine controller type for best water practices.
  • Suggest design elements and equipment options to enhance the longevity, efficiency and ease of use of the irrigation system.

Common Design Issues to Consider

  • Watering Slopes or Hills
  • Corners, Odd Shapes or Strips
  • Watering Smaller Yards
  • Variations in Exposure to the Sun
  • Make sure Sprinklers do not Turn On During Rainy Weather
  • Compacted Soil and Run-off
  • Water Pressure Issues

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