Irrigation System Maintenance

Spring Start-Ups

spring_turn_onAfter a long Northeast PA winter, we all look forward to the spring and returning to our outdoor living spaces. Your irrigation system, although unseen, is a key component for healthy plants and lawn around your property.

The spring activation is an important aspect for any irrigation system and should be performed by a trained irrigation service technician. There is more involved than just turning on the water and plugging in the controller for an efficient watering season. You don’t want the large water bill or damage to your home and landscaping inform you of a problem with your irrigation.

Let our team of professionals activate your irrigation system this season. Daily Rain Irrigation will provide the following with all of our spring activations:

  • Slowly fill the irrigation main line to avoid piping damage.
  • Check for main line leaks
  • Check the backflow preventer for leaks or damage
  • Check all sprinkler heads for adjustment, proper coverage, and spray patterns
  • Raise or straighten any required sprinkler heads
  • Program the controller for appropriate run times and check the rain sensor
  • Check that all zones valves are operating electrically
  • Check all zone piping for noticeable leaks.
  • Relocate any blocked sprinklers due to plant growth
  • Inform homeowner of any needed repairs or improvement

Mid Season Tune-Ups

mid_season_maintenanceEven though we pride ourselves on customer service and take the upmost care with your system during activation time issues due arise. For these reasons Daily Rain Irrigation offers mid-season check- ups.
A mid- season check- up for your irrigation system is important before the long hot dry days of summer are here. As we go from spring into the peak summer watering season your irrigation system may require a mid- season check up to increase the watering run time, make sure all sprinkler heads are turning, and covering the landscape correctly.

Also to address any issues that you may have noticed such as a dry area or possibly a malfunctioning rain sensor.

End of Season Blow-Out / Shut-Offs

end_of_seasonNow even though we all hate to see it happen summer does end and it becomes time to start planning on winterizing your irrigation system for the upcoming winter. We can schedule and preform winterization on your system before any inclement weather occurs and prevent needless damages. Daily Rain Irrigation’s winterization service will include:

  • Closing the water supply to the irrigation system
  • Connecting the appropriate sized air compressor to your blow out connection
  • Running all zone valves and sprinklers with appropriate amount of air pressure until free of water
  • Winterize the backflow preventer and shut down the irrigation controller
  • Drain any hose connections on the irrigation system
  • Record any repairs for the spring

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